Love! at the Cafe!

Curtain Call Theatre is thrilled to present our 2018 summer musical:

Love! at the Café!

Love at the Cafe

Performance dates will be July 13, 14 @ 7:30 and July 15 @ 2:00 at Tri City United Middle School auditorium in Montgomery.

"Love! at the Café!" is a romantic comedy with big 1950’s song and dance numbers. Love! is about two love triangles and conflicts that emerge in the "simple" times of the 50s at Bonnie’s Cafe. The main character is the all-American teenage boy, Jimmy, who has had a crush on the pretty waitress, Sharon, for a very long time. He is about to disclose his "love" to her by asking her to the fourth of July party, only to be thwarted by the evil, self-centered and rich Fred, who has already asked her to the party. The other young couple is the head cook, Melvin, who is engaged to the flamboyant, actress wanna-be, Candy, who is now in hot pursuit by the phony Hollywood "producer", Jet. The older Bonnie runs the Cafe and is in the middle of all the shenanigans.
Guaranteed enjoyment for audience and cast.

Musical Numbers:

Act One
    Life was Simple Then (cast)
    Honey Bun (Jimmy & waitresses)
    What’s The Matter With Me? (Sharon & waitresses)
    Gosh, You Drive Me Crazy (Jimmy & Bonnie)
    When I Say Jump (Fred, Ebert, Melvin, Charlie, cooks)
    Everyman (Rachel & Sharon)
    Kissing In Multiples (Candy)
    For Sure (Melvin & Candy)
    Plenty Of Fish In The Sea (Sharon, Bonnie, Melvin, Charlie, cooks & waitresses)

Act Two
    Get Out Of Town (Jet & actresses)
    If I Didn’t have My Dreams (Sharon)
    Dreams/Crazy Duet (Sharon & Jimmy)
    The Fourth Of July (party guests)
    Suspicion (Candy & Melvin)
    I’m On The Road Again (Melvin)
    My Destiny (cast)
    Curtain Call - Life Was Simple Then (reprise) (cast)

Characters (7 male, 6 female, ensemble chorus)


Jimmy (m)  All american young man.  Late teens.  Works at cafe (125 lines)
Sharon (f)  All american girl.  Late teens. works at cafe (111 lines)
Candy (f)  Flamboyant.  Late teens/early twenties. Not too bright.  A lot of fun.  Engaged to Melvin and despirately wants to be an actress (107 lines)
Melvin (m)  The head cook at Bonnie’s Cafe.  Twenties.  Devoted to Candy, who he is engaged to.  Not that bright.  (59 lines)
Bonnie (f)  Owns the cafe.  Around 50 or so.  Cares about the young people who work for her.  Strong and a lot of fun.  (47 lines)
Fred (m)  Evil, rich, self-centered.  Thirties.  he wants sharron for himself.  Owns three low-class newspapers (37 lines)
Jet (m)  Film Producer from Holleywood.  (54 lines)

Supporting cast (speaking and singing):

Ebert (m)  Works for Fred and kisses up to him.  (11 lines)
Rachel (f)  A young girl (10 - 13) who wants to play on Jimmy’s baseball team and has a crush on him.  (10 lines)
Charlie (m)  The assistant cook to Melvin.  (24 lines)

Supporting cast (speaking):

Alice (f)  Very sexy waitress who wants Jimmy and will do almost anything to get him.  Not the girl next door.  Teenager.  (31 lines)
Marilyn (f)  She looks and acts like Marilyn Monroe.  (2 lines)
Auctioneer (m)  Auctions off a date with "Marilyn Monroe" at the 4th of July dance  (6 lines)

Supporting cast (chorus - sing and dance):

Waitresses  as many as desired
Extra cooks   as many as desired
Actresses   As many as desired (they sing one song with Jet)
Cafe customers  As many as desired


There are many videos available on YouTube of the songs from this show.

This is going to be great fun show with terriffic music.


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