The people involved with "Monday Always Leads to Murder"

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Monday Always leads to Murder


 A Scene from Monday Always Leads to Murder

The Cast

Delbert Barnstable
Mike Daleiden
Horace Barnstable Russ Meyer
Margauritte Barnstable
Kim Enfield
Harry Monday Bill Wencl
Courtney Delecroix Heather Jenness
Pearl Van Beesley Lori Sanborn
Pop John Grimm
Mildred Bannister Suzette Oltmanns

Officer Brogan

Larry Warden
Assam Hammadan Elizabeth Pichotta
Sol Johar Rob Babione
Desmond Sloan Mike Daleiden
Veronica Reynolds Kim Enfield
Burglar One Mike Daleiden
Burglar Two Elizabeth Pichotta


Production Staff


Director Deserea Lau
Sets Larry Pint, Carol Pint
Costumes Garie Teig
Props Daisy Babione
Lighting/Sound Larry Pint
Make-up Laura Velishek
Dinner/Tickets Carol Pint
Advertising Wade Young
Posters Larry Pint
Programs Laura Velishek



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