The people involved with "Blather, Blarney and Balderdash"

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Blather, Blarney and Balderdash

The Cast
Fin O'Grady poor shepherd, wants to marry Pegeen
Pegeen Flaherty young lass, wants to marry Fin
Mother Flaherty practical, outspoken mother
Colm Flaherty brutish lout of a big brother
Blather leprechaun
Blarney leprechaun
Balderdash leprechaun
Leprechaun One
Leprechaun Two
Leprechaun Three
Lusmore friendly hunchback
Madden nasty hunchback
Little Person One elf or fairy
Little Person Two
Little Person Three
Little Person Four
yet another
Littlest Little Person still another
More Little People additional elves or fairies (as desired)
Landowner selfish person
Landowner's Wife not long for this world
Daughter his/her lonely, wretched daughter
Griffin's Wife helpful woman
Griffin fearsome but beleaguered monster
Aidan poor man with a quest
Innkeeper hospitable soul
Inkeeper's Daughter suffers from sneezing fits
Farmer has a locked lockbox
Boatman rows, rows, rows his boat
Molly fast on her feet
Martha even faster
Suitors local bachelors (four or more)
Irishmen fellow travelers
Bridget Doyle young adventurer
Mother Doyle her poor mother
Cow spindly thing
Stranger strikes up a bargain
Cricket plays a fiddle or harp
Mouse dancing mouse
Bird dancing bird
Wee Woman shares a bit of news
Queen (or King) concerned monarch
Prince Brian never laughs
Villagers (four or more)


The Production Staff
Director Andy Velishek
Set Design & Construction Bob Brooks
Costumes  Garie Tieg
Props Lori Sanborn, Carol Pint, Cast
Lights & Sound Larry Pint
Make-up Laura Velishek
Tickets Carol Pint
Programs Laura Velishek
Advertising Wade Young
Concessions Bonnie Simon



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