The people involved with "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"

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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

The cast 

The Cast


The Spellers

Charlito "Chip" Tolentino 

Christopher Rife (8/2, 8/3 & 8/9)
Maxwell Chonk Thao (8/10 & 8/11) 

Logainne "Schwartzy" SchwartzandGrubenierre

Erica Forsythe

Leaf Coneybear

Becky Daleiden

William Barfée

Andrew Velishek

Marcy Park

Laura Velishek

Olive Ostrovsky

Kendra Braunger

The Adults

Rona Lisa Peretti

Denise DeVinney

Douglas Panch

John Grimm

Mitch Mahoney

Billy Shouts


Carl Grubenierre

Christopher Rife (8/2, 8/3 & 8/9)
Tyler Bush (8/10 & 8/11)  

Dan Schwartz

Tyler Bush (8/2, 8/3 & 8/9)
Maxwell Chonk Thao (8/10 & 8/11)  

Leaf's Dad

Andrew Velishek

Leaf's Mom

Erica Forsythe

Jesus Christ

Tyler Bush

Olive's Mom

Laura Velishek

Olive’s Dad

Tyler Bush


The Production Staff
Director Lori Sanborn
Music Director Michael Atwood
Choreographer Hannah Young
Set Design & Construction Bob Brooks
Costumes  Garie Tieg
Props Bonnie Simon, Carol Pint, Cast
Lights & Sound Larry Pint
Make-up Laura Velishek
Tickets Carol Pint
Programs Laura Velishek
Advertising Wade Young
Concessions Peg Cowart



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