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Love! at the Café!

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Love! at the Café!

By Karen Sokolof Javitch and James Spicer Conant

Love! at the Café! is a romantic comedy with big 1950's song and dance numbers. Love! is about two love triangles that emerge in the "simple" times of the 50's at Bonnie's Cafe. The main character is the All-American teenage boy, Jimmy (Kyle Yetzer), who has had a crush on the pretty waitress, Sharon (Amber Simon), for a very long time. He is about to disclose his "love" to her by asking her to the Fourth of July party, only to be thwarted by the evil, self-centered, and rich Fred (Jonathan Lake), who has already asked her to the party. The other young couple is the head cook, Melvin (Aaron Roessler), who is engaged to the flamboyant, actress wanna-be, Candy(Autumn Gare), who is now n hot pursuit by the phony Hollywood "producer", Jet (Jon Bakken). The older Bonnie(Linda Gare) runs the Cafe and is in the middle of all the shenanigans.


From Director Andy Velishek

Welcome to our "Cafe."  I'm so thrilled to have been a part of this fantastic show.  This cast has worked extremely hard under some of the most bizaare situations I can say I've ever known as and actor or director.  However, they persevered and will entertain you with a tremendous show!  

With a busy schedule for my own theatre company, it's been great getting to work with a more "adult" cast.  However, the most enjoyable part of this whole show has been the opportunity to reconnect with some of my former kid actors who are now High School and College kids.  To see them grown into young men and women still as passionate for theatre as that first show is most enjoyable for me.  What I enjoy even more is that they are the future of Curtain Call Theatre and other Community Theatre's.  And their passion will keep Curtain Call going for another 25 years, just as I've had the opportunity to be a part of Curtain Call for the first 25 years.  

Love! At the Cafe! is one of those gems you find when looking for scripts.  Even though it hasn't made a trip to Broadway, it'a wonderful piece of art that can be enjoyed by everyone.  The music is catchy and pleasant to listen to while the script brings a bit of fun to the realism of life in 1950's America.  A time when boys where boys and girls were girls.  When Communism was a concern of every citizen, but it was also a time without much of the technology we have today, and life really was "simple then."  

Thank you to Curtain Call Theatre, the cast and crew and everyone who jumped in to make the show a success.  I especially with to thank , Laura, Denise, Aaron, Christine, Kris for jumping in with only 4 weeks to opening to make sure the actors would get to perform for you all.  I (we) appreciate your dedication.  Sit back, relax and enjoy, because it's "your destiny."

Enjoy the show!

Production Team

Production Coordinator: Denise DeVinney

Director: Andy Velishek

Music Director: Aaron Roessler

Choreographer: Kris Brockhoff

Props Mistress: Christine Trcka



Kyle Yetzer (Jimmy) - is super excited to be performing in his 10th show with Curtain Call Theatre. Some of Kyle’s past Curtain Call shows have included Grease (Doody), Into the Woods (Jack), and The Secret Garden (Colin Craven). In high school he was in Seussical (Horton) and Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka). He’s also performed in CSB/SJU’s of Dancing at Lughnasa (Michael Evans). This fall, Kyle will be a sophomore at Saint John’s University where he will continue to study Elementary Education with a minor in Theatre.

Amber Simon (Sharon) - is a Curtain Call regular since 2008. She is loving being the leading lady for her tenth year. She has been in Curtain Calls productions of Snow White and the Seven of the Black Forest (Time), The Great Nursing Home Escape, (Libby), Secret Garden (Mary), and Alice and Wonderland (Tweedle Dee) and several more. At New Prague High School she has done High School Musical (Chorus) and Music Man (Chorus) and The Assembly (Stage Manager) and Almost, Maine (Stage Manager). She was a customer for Elf Jr. and is looking to this and future shows with Curtain Call.

Autumn Gare (Candy) - has been acting for years but started taking it seriously in 5th grade. She has a huge passion for singing and acting, as it has helped her with her confidence and public speaking. THis will be Autumn's third performance with Curtain Call. The other two performances with this theatre group include Annie Get Your Gun (Chorus) and The 39 Steps (Clown). She has also been in many performances through outside theatre groups, like The Northfield Arts Guild and the TCU Theater Group. These performances include White Christmas (Chorus), Wizard of Oz (Tree/Beautician), Cow Tippers (Chorus), Anything Goes (Bartender/Chorus), Once Upon a High School (Melvin), Annie (Annie), Is There a Doctor in the House (Nita Capelli), 9 to 5 (Doralee), Bluebird Prince (Fiordelisa), Suessical (Mayzie), Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen (Mrs. Huffington, and Grease (Jan).

Aaron Roessler (Melvin) - is beyond incredibly excited for his fourth show with Curtain Call and his debut as Music Director. He has previously performed in Addams Family (Caveman Ancestor), Grease (Chorus), and Into the Woods (Cinderella's Father) with Curtain Call. He has been heavily involved with theatre for much of his life including Bye Bye Birdie (Maude/Adult Chorus/Stage Manager), Seussical (Wickersham Brother), and Clerambard (Stage Manager). He has also directed a Minnesota Thespian Original during the Minnesota Thespian Festival. In college he performed as Don Curzio in the Mozart opera Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro). This fall he will return to the University of Minnesota, Duluth to continue to study Music Education.

Linda Gare (Bonnie) - is loving her second performance with Curtain Call Theatre. She has been acting for a whole six months and is enjoying every second of it. Her first show was "The 39 Steps" playing a clown having more than ten parts to play in the performance and having to master multiple accents. She has really been enjoying theatre and hopes to carry on performing with her daughters. She is glad she decided to take the great world of theatre for a test run!

Jonathan Lake (Fred) - has been with Curtain Call since 2014. With Curtain Call he’s done Alice in Wonderland (Light and Sound Technician), Treasure Island (Long John Silver), and Jungle Book (Shere Khan). He’s also done Catastrophe Kate (José Habenaro), Wizard of Oz (Lion) and then as Scarecrow in a separate production, and Madagascar (King Julian).

Jon Bakken (Jet) - has been involved with theatre for decades starting back in the 80's with Annie Get Your Gun and Godspell. For the last five years he has been involved with the Mankato Riverbenders with shows like Harmony on the High C's, Can Music Crack the Case, and 3 Days to Harmony.

Brock Lohman (Ebert) - is absolutely pumped for his first show with Curtain Call! Productions he has been in include Peter Pan (Toodles), Legally Blonde (Withrope), and Red Riding Hood (Wolf).

Marissa Gare (Rachel) - This is Marissa's first performance with Curtain Call. She has been acting since 5th grade acting in Twinderella (Queen) and Aristocats (Scat Cat) with Child's Play Theatre. he has also been in multiple performances with the TCU Theatre Group including: Cinderella (Townsperson), Hollywood Hillbillies (Townsperson), Hurricane Smith and the Garden of the Golden Monkey (Cobra Person), Sound of Music (Luisa von Trapp), and Haphazardly Ever After (Servant #1).

Megan Bass (Charlie) - has been in theatre since 5th grade. She has always enjoyed acting and singing. She’s been in Wizard of Oz (Glinda), Haphazardly Ever After (Genie), Willy Wonka (Phenia), and Seussical (Who). 

Ava Hart (Alice)- has been dedicated to Curtain Call for 8 years and several shows and is currently on the Board of Directors. While with Curtain Call she has performed in Alice in Wonderland (White Rabbit), Snow White and the Seven Dwarves of the Black Forest (Weepy the Dwarf), Into the Woods (Snow White), and many more. Outside of Curtain Call she’s done Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Inventor), Legally Blonde (Court Stenographer), and Peter Pan (Lost Boy).

Lucia Rynda (Marilyn)- is loving her third show with Curtain Call. She has previously performed in Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash (Blather) and I Never Saw Another Butterfly (Irina). Outside of Curtain Call she’s done Annie (Tessie), The Prince and the Popper (Gamer/Ruffler), and Big Bad (Evil Stepmother). She looks forward to performing with Curtain Call again.

Hailey Zurn (Auctioneer)- This is Hailey’s debut show for both theatre and Curtain Call. She looks forward to this production, as well as many in the future.

Jennifer Lake (Cafe Customer) - loved acting and singing as child and teen. She has taken many years off due to the business of motherhood. She is beyond happy to be back and is enjoying being in musicals with her kids, most recently Into the Woods Jr. (Cinderella's Mother) and Elf Jr. (Chorus).

Liberty Lake (Cafe Customer) - is loving her first show with Curtain Call. She has performed in Jungle Book (Wolf), Madagascar (Lioness), and most recently Lion King Jr. (Lioness) all with Child's Play Theatre. 


Alex Bass (Light and Sound Technician) - has been apart of the Curtain Call for the last nine and a half years. He has been acting on and off but really got into lighting and sound about four years ago and has been doing light and sound work ever since. He looks forward to the show as well as continuing to work with Curtain Call.

Sullivan Hart (Light Board Operator and Design)- He has run Lighting for several Curtain Call productions including Grease, Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash, and Into the Woods. This is his seventh year with Curtain Call and looks forward to many more. Outside of Curtain Call he has done lighting for many Starstruck camps as well as Madagascar Jr., Catastrophe Kate, and Wizard of Oz.

Marcus Vasacka (Spotlight Operator)- is enjoying his third show with Curtain Call. He has previously been a technician for Grease and Into the Woods. Outside of Curtain Call he has been a technician for Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain Jr., and Hairspray Jr.

Zach Lake (Sound Board Operator)-  has done sound tech for many shows including Lion King Jr., Wizard of Oz, and Treasure Island. He has acted in Madagascar Jr. (Lee). He is enjoying his time with Curtain Call and is excited to continue to work in Sound.